Test the spirits!

We have been talking about testing the spirits for a couple of weeks from 1 John 4:1-6. This is the responsiblity of all Christians to be aware of the prevailing ideas that are generated by the world system of lies that are contrary to the Gospel (desires of the flesh, desires of the eyes and pride in possessions {1John 2:15-17}). These ideas are constantly being communicated. Ideas are dangerous things. The reason that ideas are dangerous is because ideas adopted produce beliefs and beliefs produce actions.

If I adopt the idea that man is only a biological entity with no soul and therefore not an image bearer of God, then there may be no standard for how to treat man. Man lives, he dies and that is it. Therefore, if life is not working right, just end it because the pain can be over and there are no more consequences. Life is a crap shoot and if the dice don’t land my way I can just check out.

This idea and multitudes of others float around in very understandable, available and very disguised ways in just about every venue for communicating information there is from marketing ads to entertainment.

John’s instruction: test the spirits to see whether they are from God for many false prophets have gone out into the world.

Watch this video embedded. The video I want you to see is the final scene of Men in Black and ask yourself what the message is. What is the message? What is the idea? Where did this message come from? What is the source of such a message? Have you ever noticed this scene if you saw the movie as a troublesome scene? What does the bible have to say about that? What is Father’s message? How do these messages conflict? What should I do? How do I help rescue people who have been taken captive by this idea?

By the way, I love these movies. Fun to watch. I just try not to turn my brain soul off while watching.

Test the spirits!



Everyone has a worldview. We all interpret everything with a set of presuppositions in place whether we realize it or not. Brad Poston and myself teach a class that is designed to expose our presuppositions and help replace them with the ability to think critically about the messages we hear and discern them through the lens of the Gospel.

Here is a link to a flyer with the course topics. http://www.unitychristianschool.org/spiritual-life/worldview101-0812.pdf

The cost is $50.

If you would like to enroll just send me an email at molly@unitychristianschool.org