discipleship: Knowledge

Good day TRC and Friends. Today we drop our final episode on discipleship. We discuss the role of knowledge as we walk through Ephesians and make application of what was taught to these new Jesus followers.

Give it a listen. We are only posting the actual podcast. We won’t be posting videos in the future as we transition to a pure podcast. We are growing and learning and getting better each week as we wade into the podcast world.

We hope you are growing and coming after Jesus more. Hit us up with any questions or topics you’d like us to discuss.

Christian Nationalism, the Capitol, and Misused Symbols Theology in the Dirt

We're back with season 2!!! This week the guys discuss what happened at the Capitol building last week as well as this overarching and confusing phrase of Christian Nationalism. Plus, we'll discuss numerous Christian symbols that are being misused for political and social arguments. If you enjoy the podcast, please consider giving us a 5 star rating.  — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/theologyinthedirt/support
  1. Christian Nationalism, the Capitol, and Misused Symbols
  2. Coronavirus, Conspiracy Theories, Politics, and the Sovereignty of God
  3. Hopes and Concerns This Political Season
  4. What is the Christian Position?
  5. Political Conversation Makes Us Nervous

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