MLK All Saint’s Sermon, Stand Sunday, First Sunday, and the Ole Blog’s Aim.

Hey TRC and friends! Thank you for reading / watching this month everyone! So far, folks in 25 different countries have hit this site, and that is due to other great folks who have invested, spoken about and written about our work. That has been a vehicle to give us a global audience, and thus learning from that global audience, we are able to address trends in the church and her intersection with the public square.

So, right below is a link as to why I write and speak like I do. Check it out. Below that will be the video for this week. Check it out.

Grace to you, and may you find Jesus and his church more satisfying today than yesterday.

What this blog is about…


Hurricane Florence and Baptism…The Gospel and Social Justice

Hey TRC and Friends! How about the blog title huh? Talk about a mixed bag.

Here is some information on what to expect about the baptism service scheduled for Sunday night. We will update you as forecasts make the weather Sunday night a little clearer.

Also, here is a link to the podcast I mentioned in the video as a primer for you to begin to see the need for us to apply the gospel to social justice issues. Its in the Manual!

The Gospel and Social Justice by Dr. Russell Moore of the ERLC